As a seller, you would like to add to the value of an order by offering additional related or value-add products to the customer once they've purchased an initial product. To facilitate this with ease and without hassle for the buyer, Explodely offers it's 1 Click Upsell Feature.

Explodely's one-click upsell feature allows your buyers to be instantly charged in one click for OTOs (upsells and downsells), which means no need for them to go to the checkout page and fill in the info. The buyer is automatically charged to the payment method used in their original purchase. This ease in flow leads to more conversions in turn, more money.

Explodely allows its sellers to add up to 5 OTO or additional offers after the initial offer.

Here are the requirements for enabling the 1CU feature:

Requirement 1

In your upsell/downsell products processing URL, add "?ocu=yes" at the end of the processing URL, and it will work as a 1CU processing URL. That means, after the initial product sale, the buyer will complete the checkout of upsell/downsell products in just one click. 

You can also generate the 1CU processing URL by going to Products-> View Products

Click on the Create and Copy link option as shown here:

Toggle the switch towards Is this a 1CU? option and click Update Payment Link.

This will generate your 1CU processing URL. Copy the link and use on your OTO's payment buttons.


12345 is your upsell product ID.

Requirement 2

To be approved for 1-Click Upsells, you must implement a multiple-click disable feature on the buy buttons. This is not on our (Explodely) side but added to your page only directly by a programmer or page editor. It is vital to keep your refund and chargeback rates to a minimum.

You can choose out of the 3 options to prevent multiple clicks for OTO payment links:

  • Disable link: If you want your payment button to be clicked only once then use this method.


function clickAndDisable(link)
//disable subsequent clicks
link.onclick = function(event)
<a href="" onclick="clickAndDisable(this);">Pay Now</a>
  • Adding are you sure to the link: If you want to add an alert prompt then use this method. 


<a href="" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure?');">Pay Now</a>
  • Disabling image: If you need to use an image for your upsell link then use this method.


        <!-- add css files here if any -->
    <!-- Created a div which have the image -->
        <div class = "imageclick"> 
            <a href="paylink">
                <img src="imagelink" border=0>
        <!-- Created a div which will get the image without having link in it -->
        <div class = "hidden-div">
        <!-- include the jquery file -->
        <script type="text/javascript">
        // call the click function when image is clicked
            $(".imageclick").click(function () 
                $('.hidden-div').append('<img style = "cursor: pointer;"src="imagelink" border=0>');
            } );

Requirement 3

To prevent chargebacks and refunds it is mandatory to have proper phrasing near the 1 click upsell button that makes it clear to the buyers that they will be instantly charged if they click the order button. 

You can add either of these 3:

                   "Add directly to my Order",

                   "Add directly to my Purchase" OR

                   "This is 1 Click Upsell and will be charged directly"

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at