Explodely offers fast and easy ways to search for products to promote in the Explodely Marketplace with the help of various options such as browsing, filtering, searching and sorting.

Browsing and Filtering

Step 1: Log into your Explodely Affiliate account using the link: https://explodely.com/affiliate/signin

Step 2: Click on Marketplace.

Step 3: Browse through all the products in the Marketplace. You can also customise your search criteria by applying filters for the product type (Revshare or CPA).


You can search for specific keywords associated with the kind of offers you are interested in from the Search Keyword box.

You can view and refine your search results by sorting them using the radial buttons to sort the results from High to Low or from Low to High.


Once your search is complete, you can sort your results by Rank, Avg$/customer, Product Price and EPC.

Rank- The offers are ranked based on their performance on the network.

Avg $/customer-  Under this, the offers will be sorted based on the average commission you can earn for each conversion or sale.

Product Price- Under this, the offers will be sorted based on the price of the product.

EPC (Earnings Per Click)-  Under this, the offers will be sorted on the basis of the average amount of money earned by them for each clicks they got.

How to Search the Marketplace by Category

To search the products in Marketplace by category, select the desired category from the categories menu on the left side of the Explodely Marketplace. Click the small arrow adjacent to the category title to expand the sub-categories.

Click on Marketplace Home to see products of all the categories available in Marketplace.

In case you need any further clarifications, feel free to reach our support team at support@explodely.com.