As an affiliate marketer, it is crucial to assess the commission structure and type offered by the seller before promoting their products.

To find out the commission details, refer to the offer details of the product on the Explodely Marketplace. This will give you details of the commission percentage/amount and the type of commission offered - RevShare or CPA (cost per action)

By understanding the commission structure and type, you can make an informed decision about whether the seller's products align with your promotional goals and ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

RevShare (revenue sharing)

With revenue sharing, you receive a percentage of the total sale for each successful sale. You are liable for refunds, so if the customer who purchased the product is refunded or requests a chargeback through their bank, you will lose your commission associated with that sale.

CPA (cost-per-action)


With CPA, you will receive a fixed amount (instead of a percentage payout) for each successful sale. CPA commissions are NOT liable for refunds or chargebacks. However, they can be voided in case of fraud.

Though, unlike revenue share, in the case of a CPA sale, you only receive a commission on the initial sale and not on any upsells or rebills of subscription sales.

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