Explodely provides affiliates with the ability to track their performance using Instant Sale Notification (ISN), which sends notifications to their ISN listener every time a sale is made. This allows affiliates to track their performance in real-time and automate actions with tracking platforms or their own CRM.

Please note that ISNs are not sent by default, but can be easily enabled in your Explodely affiliate account. To do so, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your affiliate account by visiting https://explodely.com/affiliate/signin.

Step 2: Go to the Accounts section and select Instant Sale Notification.

Step 3: Fill in the following details:

    Send ISN: Set this as "Yes" to instruct Explodely's system to send ISNs for your account transactions.

    ISN URL: This should be the URL of your ISN listener (i.e., the script hosted on your end to process ISNs).

    ISN Type: Select whether you want ISN parameters to be sent as GET or POST.

After completing these steps, Explodely's system will automatically send ISNs to your chosen ISN listener upon sale. 

The following parameters are sent to your ISN listener:

Order ID: the ID of the Explodely.com sale

Transaction type: "sale"

Seller ID: the ID of the seller on Explodely.com

Customer name: the full name of the customer who made the purchase

Amount: the amount of the sale, which represents your share of the sale

Sale time and date: the time and date of the sale, in the format HH:MM:SS DD-MMM-YYYY

Sale timestamp: the machine timestamp of the sale

Tracking ID: the tracking ID that was appended to the affiliate link for the sale

Country code: the 2-digit ISO code of the customer's country.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at support@explodely.com.