If you participate in an Affiliate Referral Contract and refer new affiliates to a seller, you would like to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your efforts in introducing them. This can be easily done by checking your referrals. Once an affiliate username shows in your referrals, you can be certain that you will receive a commission for all the sales made by that affiliate for the seller.

Here are the steps to check your referrals:

After the seller has created the contract with the pre-agreed commission % and terms, you need to accept the contract within your Explodely account for it to become active.

To accept the contract, you need to go to Contracts under the Account section, click on Accept Contract, and the contract will become active.

Once the Affiliate Referral Contract is active, you will need to provide the seller with the Explodely usernames of all the affiliates you want to refer. The seller will then add these affiliates as referrals in your contract. It is essential to ensure that the correct usernames are provided to avoid any confusion or errors in adding the referrals to the contract.

After the referrals have been successfully added, you can view all the referrals within the contract by clicking on "View My Referrals."

Once you see an affiliate ID in your referrals you can be assured that you receive a commission for all the sales made by them.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at support@explodely.com.