You can now integrate aMember with Explodely for streamlined digital product delivery using their Free Explodely plugin. If you sell digital products through Explodely, activating the aMember integration lets customers access their member areas and digital purchases more easily. Here's how to set it up:

Step 1: Get the Explodely Plugin from aMember:

  • Purchase and install aMember on your server.
  • Contact aMember support to request the free Explodely plugin.

Step 2: Install the Plugin:

  • Follow the instructions provided to install the Explodely plugin.

Step 3: Configure Product IDs and Set Up Content Delivery:

  1. Navigate to aMember Dashboard: After installing the plugin, open your aMember dashboard.

  2. Add Explodely Product IDs: For each product in aMember, input the corresponding Explodely Product ID.

  3. Synchronize Details: Make sure that the Product IDs and prices in aMember align with those in Explodely for accurate synchronization.

  4. Attach Digital Content: Add the specific digital content delivery method to the Product ID you've just set up.

  5. Repeat for All Products: Perform steps 2-4 for each product in your sales funnel.

Step 4: Setup IPN

To enable course access in the aMember membership area based on customer purchases, you'll need to configure Explodely's IPN settings.

Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your seller account and navigate to Products -> Settings -> IPN.

  2. Fill in the IPN URL and Refund URL fields. Both URLs will have this format:
    http://(your domain)/(aMember directory)/payment/explodely/ipn

  3. Set 'Send IPN' to 'Yes' and 'IPN Type' to 'Post'.

Completing these steps will finalize the integration between aMember and Explodely, simplifying your content delivery and membership management.

Step 5: Testing 

To ensure the successful integration, we strongly recommend performing a test sale to verify its functionality. This will help you confirm that the integration has been properly set up.

For detailed instructions on how to conduct a test sale, please refer to the article How to test a sale? in our knowledge base. It provides comprehensive guidance on the process.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at