To start your journey as a successful seller you must add products to your Explodely seller account. Once you submit a product, it goes through a compliance review. After the compliance requirements are met and your product is approved, you can start attracting affiliates and making sales.

Before you start adding products to your account, as a prerequisite, please detail your entire sales funnel and flow with proper Sales pages, Thank you pages and prices so that you don't get stuck while setting products. 

The Add Product form is divided into three sections: 

  • General Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Additional Settings & Features

Follow these steps to add a product to your seller account: 

Step 1: Log into your account using the link:

Step 2: In your account, Click on Add Product under the header Products.


General Settings

Step 3: Select the type of product (Digital or Physical) you want to add and the product flow (Front End, Upsell or Downsell)from the Product Type and Product Flow dropdown lists.

Step 4: Enter your product Name, Title and Description along with the Sales page, Thank you page, Customer Service Email and Customer Helpdesk URL links in the respective fields and click Next.

Note- The Name and Description will be displayed on the Checkout page, whereas the Product Title will be displayed in the marketplace.


Advanced Settings

Step 5: Enter the Product Price and Payment Plan Required (Select Yes, if you want to offer a rebill product) in the respective fields. If your product is a subscription (rebill) product, you would be required to provide additional details like Rebill start day, Period and Total number of Rebills.

You can also change the price of your product later. Please refer to the article: How can I change the price of my product? for details.

Step 6: Select Affiliate Commission Type (Revshare or CPA) and Affiliate Commission Payout % or amount from the respective dropdown lists.

Please note, the minimum affiliate payout % can be 0% and the maximum can be 80%.

Step 7: Select Marketplace Visibility Type (Public or Private) from the dropdown list and provide additional details based on your selection. Click Next when done.


Additional Settings & Features

Step 8: In this section, you can add additional features like Exit Intent, which prompts visitors to complete the checkout form when they become inactive or attempt to leave the page.

You can also choose to add Order Bump, Coupons and Alternate Pricing. All these features are free. 

Please check these articles for details about these additional features: 

Exit Intent

Order Bump

Coupon Settings

Alternate Pricing Feature

Once you are done, click on Submit Changes.

If you have a funnel setup, you can repeat the steps mentioned above to add more products in your account.

Once your product is submitted, the compliance review will be done within 3-5 business days. You will get an email notification when your product is approved. After your product is approved, you can start selling!

Please refer to our article Explodely Compliance For Sellers to learn more about our Compliance requirements on your Sales page and Thank you page.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at